KPDK Buildtech

It began in 2013 with a vision, an extraordinary aim to bring only the best to Delhi & NCR. KPDK Buildtech saw the unlimited possibilities and courageously reached to set a standard for theirselves. Today, KPDK is a leading multi-asset Real Estate Development Group. They dared to dream large. A dream to presents not just homes, but standard of livings. A dream to shape spaces of work-freedom, and to spray kindness with golden luxury.

Over the months, they have seen their dreams come true; and in the procedure, change the look of this great city. Today, KPDK’s properties are landmarks of tomorrow's Gurgaon. Like all great tale, it has been a passage full of landmarks. Looking back, they know the path in front is lengthy, and thrilling. KPDK Group has many more landmarks to launch. However, every landmark takes them back to where it starts: a vision, a mission.

KPDK Buildtech - New Projects