2018 Real Estate Market Trends - Brighter Prospects for Investments

By Admin April 17, 2018 news
2018 Real Estate Market Trends - Brighter Prospects for Investments

The year 2017 has been the most revolutionary year for the Real Estate Sector and I don't think that in this decade you can’t get anything beneficial year than this. A number of steps come up in this year that has opened up the gates for the investors. Demonetization in 2016 has made a huge impact in the coming months and then the impact of RERA and GST and several other real estate laws have helped in clearing the sector.

Slowly but with purity, the real estate sector is moving towards goodness. Everything good is going to happen either it is coming of the New RERA Certificate to avoid duplication or Real Estate under GST. This is likely to be expected in 2018 as well where you can expect some other trends as well. Through this, the ways for investments will be more opened.

Below are the 3 Best Investment Trend For Real Estate:-


1. Affordable housing is the center of attraction

Home sales somewhere have seen to be declined by 18 percent among the major cities of India. Even the financial growth declined because real estate is the second largest employer in India. These 9 cities also include the major Delhi NCR areas which are again the most important from the people around the globe. This is why now the focus has been shifted to affordable housing now. In fact for this Gurgaon's Circle Rates have even revised so that equilibrium in the property can be maintained. This is why Gurgaon is one city expected with improvement. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme is also one brilliant step that will not only encourage the buyers but will drag other people to participate in this step.

2. Configuration reorganization

In order to maintain the balance of prices and the properties; this step has been taken by the real estate developers to shrink the sizes of housing units so that the prices can cater more public. Through this, they need not compromise on any of their things. Just the size will be decreased and this will not affect the configuration. Real estate developers are coming more and more with balanced property prices and also keeping the buyer's interest in main. I don't think that for customer satisfaction government can take a better step than this. You can own 2 BHK or 3 BHK or whatever just the size will be little decreased.

3. Quality of life will be the deciding factors

Needless to say that quality living is what all of us need and builders are well working on it. No matter what the price of that specific property is, buyer will never compromise on the factors affecting the quality of living. Some of the top projects like Godrej Golf Links ApartmentsIreo Victory Valley etc. are the hit property options you can get where the quality of living is perfectly described. Gone are the days where people were just hanging around parking space and gated communities; now swimming pool, well- equipped gym, walking and jogging tracks and much more you can get at the home only. In fact not only this much but the convenience store have also been added to better edge the needs.

These trends were something that needed to be evolved right back in the recent years but the market was so sluggish that something like this was least expected. There are further more chances of the improvement in 2018 that it will definitely come up with more radical changes. Recently government has come with tremendous steps that will give all the positive changes enhancing the transparency and boosting the sector. Property should always be customer satisfactory and for that long term changes are needed in this market.

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