Why Quora Is So Much Popular?

By Admin October 30, 2017 market-trends
Why Quora Is So Much Popular?

Quora, you must have listened to it? Have you ever used it?

People have very smartly used it in promoting their business. Whether it is to make sense to your business or going its importance, social platforms have always been your back, Social Media can boost your businessIf you are provided with facilities then why not to use them?

If you can seriously fetch a good amount of traffic for your business then you must do it. Do it with Quora.

Nowadays people are all about Quora.

How Quora Benefits? It is an FAQ platform where everyone involves and start answering the questions and you can even ask a question. It entirely depends on your answer how smartly you make it and how much appreciation you receive in terms of upvotes.

Now how it actually works? 

Whenever you make any Google search you must seen some of the answers ranking on second, third or fourth position or I can say on the first page. These you get are of Quora. It is basically a question/ answer platform.  Like you can ask "Best City for Real Estate Investment", "Godrej Nest", etc. you find the best answers on it.

When it comes to business, no matter what type it is of, you will get related searches and can even find the exact searches. What does this mean? People are smartly using it and getting good views. Recently I saw a profile which I think have done great work in last few months on Quora.

The best part of using it you can use it anytime and it will surely help you whatever you want. You can search for millions of topics over here. In fact, Indian Real Estate is in abundance. So by spending less time you get immense info.

Now, what are the highlights of it? 

Traffic at its Best

Undoubtedly being a quora user I can say that it holds the huge source of referral traffic, in one answer you can add effective links to get lucrative benefit out of it.

Through this image, you can see that how one get good views and upvotes with few but genuine post over it. This is my personal experience that this platform has really offered endless benefits to me. The best part you get enough knowledge on every topic.

You can feel the ultimate profit when you get approx 100K plus views which shows that people are eager to look at your answers and to garner the best info. What Quora offers best is? Anyone can start over here, no doubt it will take time but if you seriously work hard and genuine you get ample amount of appreciation.

Even I have seen some of the amazing answers represented by the writers of Indrealestates.com on different properties, projects, builders, and location. They teach you with the right path that needs to be followed in real estate.


Don’t make your profile tedious and try to answer on everything if you really need to boost your profile, it works both ways personal and business angle.

Heed to some of the important benefits of Quora

  • Anyone can use it and anywhere, it is mobile friendly too
  • You can enjoy good amount of visitors with good answers which are turned gives good traffic
  • You can build your strong personal plus professional image and can be popular even being a Quoran
  • Enhance your knowledge at par level

See being a good Quoran is not an overnight process. It does take a lot of time but it is highly recommendable that just don't stick to a single source and continue the gradual work on it. If you think that writing one answer in 2-3 months can work for you; then I am Sorry!

Also, don't make your profile boring add enjoyable and interesting topics. You just need not to confined on one term, you can answer on love, dating and relationships, science, history and can make the gradual increase in your profile.

Also you can make it more interesting by adding pictures and relevant links to it. Make your profile strong enough so that people follow you and get some achievement “like most viewed writer”, " the Best writer of the _ year" etc.

 As you can see below the question "What are the best areas to invest in real estate in Delhi/ NCR?" And the answer to it is highly commendable how appropriately the writer has answered it explaining each location details and benefits of investment here.

See there is no deadline that you need to use it today or tomorrow. But you must have heard a quote to before starting a work

"Kaal kare so aaj kar, Aaj kare so ab

Pal mein Pralaya hoyegi, Bahuri karoge kab"


Tomorrows work do today, today's work now

If the moment is lost, the work be done how

Start it today because there is no specific day to start, this is a platform for all where they can discover new side which is never seen before.

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