2018 - Going to be Revolutionary for Real Estate

By Admin January 31, 2018 news
2018 - Going to be Revolutionary for Real Estate

As the heading describes that this year is going to be a turnaround year. Everyone is hoping this thing that as 2017 has gone through lots of mess, it is now hoped that 2018 can be a good year. Not only the investors but the builders are also hoping for the same.

2017 was no less than a turmoil year. You all agree to this? Some appreciated the steps taken while some are not satisfied. But this is the fact of life that you can’t make everyone happy; some will be happy with your decision while some not.

The new government since 2014 is doing one or two actions every time so that they can make this country corruption free. What they observed most that Real Estate is the second largest employer of the economy is facing Corruption at max. The base on which everything and everyone are dependent their home is somewhere appeared out to be with lots of black money.

Looking out at this thing Benami Property act came out where the unregistered and illegal properties are decided to be banned. Though it didn’t work out much at that time now recently you must have seen that sealing of properties is seen in the Delhi posh areas. These are the unregistered and illegal properties who are not government authorized are getting sealed. I think a brilliant step as if you want to make a property then why not to get it registered; if not then results are in front of you.

Then the RERA Act which makes the property process clear and transparent. The under the table work was something seen most where the officials use to take the money and make the property work miserable for the investors. This is the reason why the buyer has to pay a lot of money where they are told of different Payments and made to pay almost double the amount of property. This is why even in the recent year's property sell reduced. But RERA made the process transparent and clear of which are the actual amounts the buyer has to pay.

Then Demonetization was a swap. That night I think was the worse night for everyone where the note changing somewhere was a disaster and one of the best method with which hidden black money came out. This was yes somehow was successful but yes once a complete torture for the black money holders.

Then came the father of these steps GST (Good and Service Tax). Yes, this was the much-needed step needed so that the people who were paying a number of taxes on the name of purchase of anything will now have to pay only one tax GST. This is for like “One Nation One Tax”.  Through this property prices will go tremendously low and have actually hone because of the property prices that were high because of the inclusiveness of a number of taxes are with one tax only. Tax on everything either cement or construction prices or other materials too are now reduced. Some property like Godrej Nature Plus is now enjoyable at good rates with not too many taxes.

Don’t you think that in these revolutionary changes social media has played a major role from where developers learned the new marketing techniques and the general public got aware of their rights and actions to take?

 So don’t you think that it is beneficial to invest this year? These steps have somewhere worked out while the remaining actions will be taken this year. Also if you are aware that the coming year will be holding elections so it is very clear that every election party will work hard to make the nation progressive so that they can fetch votes from us. We common people just want peaceful living which in this year is at least possible.

Also, the affordable housing scheme initiated by the government has given hopes and homes to a number of people who were not able to buy property are now able to own the property. Tata Housing has also offered their property in attractive amounts.

2018 is a big year for investors to own property at attractive and affordable prices because of the deduction of numerous taxes. But yes now the developers have also geared up for to speed up their work and for the on-time completion otherwise they really have to face bad time.

So yes we all have hopes and are even witnessing that this year will bring something new and good. People get ready for the turnaround! Revolution is yet to come!

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