First Time Buyer! Be Aware of these Claims!

By Admin May 17, 2018 market-trends
First Time Buyer! Be Aware of these Claims!

Buying the Home for the First Time? Check it out whether you are on the Right Track or not!

Well buying the property is not that tough because there are ample of property options in the market but still, there are some of the points that you need to consider before buying the home. This is the time when you are Planning for the Property Owners but this is also the time when you to be aware of maximum. There might be chances that you get in the trap of freebies and discounts but this is the point you need to work on. Yes but there are better growth chances now with RERA Boosting the Market.

Here are some of the points that you really not to fall for.

1. Property Price Never Remains Constant: There are 100% chances that the builder will tell you that the property prices never fall down, so just go with the rates he is mentioning. But never ever think in this way. This can might be the chance with your relatives and friends as well who are selling their property to you. Real estate is just like other asset markets that constantly face the ups and downs and never remains constant. There are only a few locations that have been stagnant but other than property prices have fallen tremendously low.

2. Never Compromise with any big or small Detail: Never negotiate with any of the areas before buying. If you are buying then always make sure that you check each little details and not leave any particular section, that according to the builder will be checked later. This can be the case like you might be taking a cheap property but in the area where the offices, schools, shopping complex, multi and mini-plex etc. are too far. Then what's the use of such property that will create a daily mess for you? Occupy the property today that can give the lucrative returns in future. Like, go for the property like Kalpataru Vista, Godrej Solitaire, M3M Corner Walk that has everything in vicinity and luxurious living too.


3. Stay Updated Through Media: Media is your best friend at this time that daily keeps you updated with each little change in the market. There might be chances that media has told about the cut of prices, but your builder is denying in that, so leave that option there and then. Because if the builder is not loyal to you then how come the property will be. He will surely make a number of excuses regarding the unit size, carpet area, amenities etc due to which he cannot cut the price, but that are just excuses. A correction means an overall correction.

4. Price Should Be Reasonable Not Affordable: Oh at this time you are the honeybee and the property is honey for you as per the builder. He will keep on giving you the points of affordability that it is the most affordable project in the area and you cannot get an option like this. So never go on the words, just be aware that what is the price of that particular configuration is going on and then of or the property. Size is what mainly matters here because if he is saying affordable then there might be chances he is cutting a number of things from the list.

5. Take Enough Time To Make Decision: Another favorite trick used by the builder is the rates will be revised soon, so listen it will never going to revise. Just take your time and think for the selling and the buying prices and other aspects too. There are possibilities that the price may get high but for builder, it will never come down. Builders are more desperate to sell then the buyers to buy.


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