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Resale Units Available in Delhi NCR, A Golden Opportunity

Everything is in front of your eyes, the fact is you need to identify it and try to procure out the benefits of it. Same is with the investment in real estate property, everything is in front of your eyes, you just need to recognize it and invest in this safest form of investment.

Is Rera Positive For Buyers And Developers?

RERA has been roll in with number of positive figures and has taken number of initiatives for both the developers and customers. Now this sector after long time will be transparent and efficient.

Metro & Rapid Metro a Fortune for Real Estate in Delhi & Gurgaon

If you’ve always tried rushing from a meeting in Gurgaon to catch a flight out of Delhi, you’ll know that the Delhi traffic is not to be taken evenly, and rightly so, because Capita City has more vehicles than other metropolitans. As per the Delhi Police Traffic Website, there are approx 90 Lacs vehicles just within Delhi, not counting the NCR area, and the counting is still rising. That’s many times higher than the number of cars in Mumbai. Even if Delhi has wide roads, but the traffic snarls make moving around the city quite hard.

Powerful Strategies to Secure Your Future Get Step By Step Into It

Life is all about getting success in whatever field you get, but you can’t get it if you are just not following a perfect track. So follow the baby steps and enjoy the huge success.

Big Opportunity for Developers To Lease Out Unsold Property

India and Indians are all about Real Estate investment. This has been like a tradition since past many years that we people are so much involved in it. Daily we use for a new update that some bill has been out, some action has been taken, bla.. blaa..

Real Estate of India Gets The Boost of $3.4 Billion in First Quarter from 19 Investments

Real Estate of India is now becoming more attractive to both foreign & domestic investors and the credit goes to the alteration in regulatory framework. The flow of global capital into Indian real estate in 2016 stood at about $5.7 billion after the historic high of 2007, in terms of total PE inflows, was not breached, last year proved to be the second big year until now.