Silverglades Hill Homes Price List

Price List
Unit Type Tentative Saleable Area. Basic Sale Price
The FIRS (2BR Residences) 1700 Sq.Ft. As Applicable
The CEDARS (4BR Villas) 3350 Sq.Ft. As Applicable
The DEODARS (4BR Bungalows) 4000 Sq.Ft. As Applicable
Additional Charges (One Time Payment)
Interest Free Maintenance Security Deposit (IFMSD) Rs. 8 , 12 & 15 lakhs respectively
Club Membership Included
Timely Payment Rebate 10%
Timely Payment Rebate is adjustable on every single installment that is paid by the customer.
PLC (Preferred Location Charges )
Corner Unit 5% of BSP
Top Level Units (The FIRS) 5% of BSP
Payment Plan
Flexi Payment Plan ( 30: 20: 50 )
On Application for Booking 10 Lacs + Service Tax (Plus Service Tax)
Within 60 days of Booking 15% of the Sale Value Less Booking Amount
Within 120 days of Booking 15% of the Sale Value
On Completion of Super Structure 20% of the Sale Value
On Offer of Possession 50% of the Sale value+ IFMS + Stamp Duty + Registration
Down Payment Plan
On Application for Booking 10% of Sale Value (Plus Service Tax)
Within 60 days of booking 85% of Sale value (Less DP Rebate and TPR)
On Offer of Possession 5% of Sale Value (Plus IFMS + Stamp Duty + Registration)
Construction Linked Payment Plan
At the time of Booking 10% of BSP
Within 60 Days From the Booking Date 10% of BSP
Within 120 Days From the Booking Date 10% of BSP
On Start of Construction 5% of BSP + 50% of PLC (If Any)
On Start of Site Services Work 10% of BSP
On Start of Foundation Work 10% of BSP
On Casting of 1st Floor Slab 10% of BSP
On Completion of Structure Work 10% of BSP
On Completion of Site Services Work 10% of BSP+ 50 % of PLC (If Any)
On Start of Interior Finishing Work 10% of BSP
On offer of Possession 5% of BSP + Registration Charges + IFMSD + Other Charges (If Any)
  • All payments to be made by cheque in favour of "DOLL DEVELOPMENT PRIVATE LIMITED".
  • Prices indicated above are subject to revision at the discretion of the Company and Price prevailing on the date of booking with payment shall be applicable and binding.
  • Down payment discount is 10% only on the Basic Sales Price and will keep on changing with the stage of development at the site.
  • Transfer Policy:Unit to be transferable as per company policy and subject to rule and regulations of state government.
  • Service Tax, VAT and other taxes/levies as applicable, shall be payable at the applicable rates from time to time and shall be chargeable on each installment
  • All payments to be made to company after adjustmnet/Deduction of TDS under section194(IA) of Income Tax Act.
  • Development Charges and other charges of any Competent Authority shall be charged as applicable at prevailing rates as determined by the Competent Authority.
  • Maintenance charges,Security Deposits, legal fees, stamp duty, registration charges and fees & other allied charges will be extra as per laws and company policy.
  • 10% of Total Sale Consideration will be treated as "Earnest Money" which can be forfeited for breach of any obligation of the Applicant or any other event of any default as may be determined by the company
  • In case of NRI/PIO all payments will be subject RBI Regulations, Exchange Control Laws of India.
  • All cheques will be subject to clearance and any dishonour can be considered as a breach of contract leading to cancellation of the allotment.
  • All delayed payments will be subject to interest @ 15 % per annum.
  • This payment plan is subject to terms and conditions as per "Buyer agreement" to be excuted after the allotment.
  • 1 sq. Mtrs. = 10.764sq. ft.
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